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(1981): Directed by Peter Hyams. Otherwise known as High Noon in Space is one of my favourites. Starring Sean Connery as an under-rated lawman relocated to Io, one of Jupiter's moons it features lots of thrills coupled with some superb special effects and model making. INTRODUCTION In 1980 having just finished work on Flash Gordon, I decided to go into a business partnership with my colleague from that film Bill Pearson. Indeed, I had also worked with Bill on Alien.

Before we'd so much as got any letterheads made the phone rang and it was Nick Allder, the SFX guy we'd worked with on the previously mentioned films and whom I'd also worked with on the TV series Space 1999.

He asked us if we were interested in working on a film at that time to be called "Io" (this was later changed because many people read it as the number 10 whereas of course it refers to the moon Io, one of the 4 large Gallilean moons of Jupiter and where the film's action was set). Nick had other commitments and could not do the film, but he'd been asked to recommend model makers and had suggested us.

I went over to Pinewood Studios and met the Director of the film, Peter Hyams. Very unusual in itself, since normally the model makers are hired by the SFX director, but Peter had his own way of doing things; as we were soon to find out! He showed me this massive artists impression pinned to the wall and said "Can you build that in 4 months"? and without more than a few seconds thought

(he didn't give me more than a few seconds!) I said "Yes"! And that was how we got the job.

 The photos below break down basically into 3 sections: The Refinery model, the Shuttle model and the refurbishment of the shuttle some 15 years after the film was made, when it was discovered in a very sorry state in the proverbial skip



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