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The famous first set of teleport bracelets designed by Martin.The Teleport Bracelets were made from EMA plastic tube. The button was an EMA "hemispherical head" And the light was 1/4" thick orange perspex



Original FT7 ship built by Bill Pearson. Photo copyright © Bill Pearson 1982



My old business partner Bill Pearson built the FT7 ship mainly in perspex for the episode "Sand". After shooting an attempt was made to turn the model into a robot for another show. It was sprayed grey primer but then junked. Bill and I rescued it from the skip at BBC Visual Effects and I refurbished it properly in 1986.



Troopers Pistols. The Federation pistols were also made from EMA plastic tube & square section, with Perspex hand grips. Again the design was kept very simple to keep costs down.



Troopers Rifles. The rifles were basically just pistols with shoulder butts added. These were made from the extendable legs of cheap camera tripods! The shoulder butt itself was machined from solid 1/2" Perspex.



Travis's pistol. Travis's pistol was a one off. It was a smaller version of the Federation gun and built the same way. This photo shows 2 copies I made for fans of the show. I don't have photos of the original.



The gun that killed Blakes 7! The gun was designed & built by Bill Pearson. In fact he originally came up with the design concept some years earlier, and had actually made a 1/3rd scale miniature of the main gun, without all its attachments, for my first 1/3rd scale girl model Gemini!



Prop built by Bill Pearson. Photo copyright © Martin Bower 1981.He subsequently developed the additions to the gun and when he joined the BBC in 1982 he took the design with him where it got used in Blakes 7.



Liberator at Bray Studios in 1977.These two photos show me adding detailing to the large Liberator model. When the model arrived at the studios from Space Models (who built it) It was plain white in colour, with a plain green ball on the back (as you can see in the B/W shot here)
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